Welcome to Honour & Co we are an exclusive private client jewellery service.

After three generations as one of the UK’s leading fine jewellery manufacturers, we have built a solid and long standing reputation. We supply the finest quality diamonds and coloured stones coupled with individual and enduring jewellery designs all exquisitely crafted in our own London workshops by goldsmiths who have honed their skills over many years. We offer a unique service directly to private clients.

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Honour and Co use precious gemstones including diamonds, sapphire, rubies of fabulous colour in the collection using a selection of different settings. A setting is essentially how the stone is held in place. However a setting can make all the difference to how the light captures a stone and how the exquisite colours and individuality of a stone is reflected. To make sure every stone is set to perfection, Honour and Co have a highly skilled team of stone setters to give each and every gem stone time and respect to capture it’s full beauty.

Every single piece of fine jewellery that includes a gemstone requires the skill and experience of a stone setter. Honour and Co have an exceptional team in the London workshop with a wealth of experience. Setters Roger and Tom have been setting gemstones for 41 and 28 years respectively. That’s a lot of carat’s between them!

Every single stone included in the Honour and Co collection is chosen by hand, by professionals with many years experience. Stones are chosen for their colour and cut and their ability to reflect the most amount of light. Many stones are rejected through this sorting process allowing only the very best stones available to be used in the collection. Honour and Co Jewellery prides itself on choosing only the best stone cuts and setting them in beautiful settings to create fabulous, contemporary fine jewellery.

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Honour & Co have a strong ethical sourcing policy.

We source our diamonds and gemstones from suppliers and deposits located around the world. However we demand that all our suppliers, many of whom we have traded with for deacades, meet our own high standards of ethics. All our gemstones and diamonds are handpicked, carefully selected and checked by our in-house gemstone specialists. All our diamonds are sourced from ‘conflict free areas’. Honour & Co. fully support The Kimberley Process.

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Competitive Pricing

Due to our large buying power and non-existent retail overhead, we are able to offer all our clients exceptional value without compromise.

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