Ring Sizes

There are several ways to check your size before you buy. The most accurate is to visit a Jewellers. Below is a guide if you are buying for somebody else or want to measure your ring at home. Simply measure the finger you are buying for.

We have compiled a table with ring size measurements to help you find the right size:




A ring that has a deep band width will need to be slightly larger than your normal rings.


Full insurance valuations will be issued based on current retail prices. Honour & Co recommends March Insurance Solutions. For expert guidance on how to insure your jewellery visit www.thmarch.co.uk for more information. Quote the following code for the best rate: AE031T.


Honour & Co. offer a full jewellery valuation service. All valuations are completed by a registered National Association of Goldsmiths valuer and are provided with full pictures.

With the large increase in gold and diamond prices in the last 5 years we highly recommend that all jewellery valuations are reviewed on a regular basis.


According to Shirley Bassey they are forever, Marilyn Monroe sang they were “a girl’s best friend” and Zsa Zsa Gabor said: “I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back”.

Today, with gold now out of favour, investors are turning to diamonds for their long-term value, as well as their aesthetic qualities. Returns for the gems beat those of equities for much of the past 15 years.


From 1999 to 2011, three-carat diamonds increased by 145 per cent, while five carat diamonds rose by 171 per cent, as measured by the Rapaport Diamond Trade Index. Over a period of the last 20years diamonds have averaged increases of nearly 15% per annum.

This growth looks likely to continue due to recent supply and demand developments; explosive growth in diamond engagement ring sales in China and other emerging markets while the worlds largest diamond buyer, the US, recorded 16% increases in 2013. This rapid surge in demand means De Beers’ fabled diamond stock pile has been largely dissolved while a significant decline in discovery of new diamond deposits hinders any increase in production volumes.

Historically, the best returns come from 1.50ct + sizes of Certified higher quality white stones. Top quality fancy coloured diamonds such as natural Intense Yellow and Pinks of 0.50ct + also offer excellent returns.

Also, top quality 3ct + Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds have risen by 20 – 30% per year since 2010.


Honour & Co. will offer excellent advice on any investment purchases and will operate a simple and transparent pricing policy with low commission rates. We also offer Margin Scheme investment opportunities attracting 0% VAT.

Diamond Education

The mystique of diamonds lies not only in their dazzling beauty but also in their rarity, uniqueness and complexity. Diamonds are desired for their sparkle and message of love, the symbol of eternity.

A diamond is a gem composed of almost pure carbon and crystallizes in the crystal system of highest symmetry: The cubic system. Diamonds possesses hardness far surpassing that of any other substance known in nature. It has a very high degree of transparency, refractivity and ‘fire’ dispersion. These aspects contribute to the high degree of brilliancy and display of prismatic colors found in a diamond.


The four yardsticks against which diamonds are measured (Click below for more information)

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Most of Honour & Co.’s larger diamonds are accompanied by an accredited laboratory certificate. A certificate is a grading report from an independent laboratory prepared by a Certified Gemologist. We only use certificates from the internationally recognised laboratories GIA, HRD and IGI, providing you with a guaranteed and indisputable record of your stones quality.

A diamond grading report will be provided as a useful tool to aid in comparing diamonds and grading quality and value. The reports provide a detailed description of the diamond’s characteristics and measurements. The report commonly includes a plotted diagram of your diamond and information about the shape, color, carat weight, clarity, and cut. It gives the exact measurements, table and depth percentages, as well as grading the symmetry and polish of the diamond. It will also have information about fluorescence. A grading report will not include any statement of monetary value about your diamond. It is simply to assure you of the quality and authenticity.

Unlike many other producers, each and every one of Honour & Co.’s gems are handpicked, analyzed and carefully selected according to very strict quality parameters; and every stone is cross checked against it’s certificate by our in-house FGA qualified stone buyer to ensure it’s gradings are correct. All our diamonds are sourced from ‘conflict free areas’. Honour & Co fully support the Kimberley process. For more information on this subject, visit www.kimberleyprocess.com.

Repair & Redesign


With decades of experience our highly skilled in-house goldsmiths can undertake all jewellery repairs and refurbishment. With many insurance companies now requiring annual checks on higher value jewellery we also offer a full jewellery check-up and refinishing service.


For many years we have redesigned our customers inherited or unworn jewellery to create contemporary and wearable pieces. Initial designs and quotes are done with no charges and redesigned jewellery will be provided with a complementary insurance valuation.